Las Vegas

AdLarem Las Vegas seeks to invest primarily in distressed single-family real estate with high income-generating returns that it believes will outperform the overall real estate market in Las Vegas and nationwide.

AdLarem Las Vegas typically seeks investments that fall into the following four categories:

1. Rental Rates

Investments in properties in which the AdLarem team identifies a significant opportunity to exceed nationwide rental yields and has the ability to maintain or exceed current rental rates.

2. Construction Cost

Investments in properties where the AdLarem team identifies properties that are selling well below what it would normally cost to build a similar home, and has an embedded margin of safety for investors for when the real estate market recovers.

3. Occupancy Rates

Investments where the AdLarem team finds properties that can maintain low vacancy and high demand.

4. Below Current Market Value

Investments where the AdLarem team identifies homes that are being offered below open market prices.  In such cases, AdLarem actively engages in purchasing properties for lower than resale value in order to immediately unlock value.

Investment Discipline — Sell Discipline

We pare or exit investments based on many factors, including, but not limited to:

Changing macroeconomic decisions
Excessive valuation
Opportunities to allocate capital to more compelling real estate investment opportunities

AdLarem Fund I Total Return Net of Fees: 125% (Unlevered Fund)
AdLarem Fund I Average IRR Net of Fees: 17.7% (Unlevered Fund)

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